What’s all this aboot?

Beverly Hillsdale is a collection of stories, vignettes, jokes, and random thoughts about an only child growing up, living in, and ultimately taking over her parent’s business in the hamlet of Hillsdale, New York. Some tales could have happened last night, some could have happened decades ago.

I’m sure everyone wants to hear what a wonderful place Hillsdale was to grow up in and how fantastic it is now. I would love to have that perception but ‘wonderful’ and ‘fantastic’ are definitely not the first words that come to mind. If you are only interested in a Realtor’s utopian view of Hillsdale, this blog might not be for you.

For those who know Hillsdale well, it will be very easy to figure out who I am. I’m not trying to be anonymous, although I’m sure certain others will wish to remain so. We’ll see.

I first heard the term Beverly Hillsdale at a cocktail party at the Wheatleigh in Lenox. It amused me so much that I often mention it to others and when I do, I get a big belly laugh. So don’t worry, I’m not going all “Save Craryville” or anything, at least not yet. This blog’s name, and my pen name, just represent the two worlds I’ve bounced between on a daily basis.

Published by Eloise May Clampitt

Well I'm very busy...way too busy to properly manage a blog! I operate a 14,000 sq ft 139 year old Mansard Victorian as a tavern, restaurant and inn, am fortunate enough to have the best full time job in the world working for my region's community foundation, and do what I can to take really good care of my husband, my dog, and a few very close friends. Given my time constraints and my known knack for going down the rabbit hole, I am setting the following rules for myself... Posts are to take no more than 30 minutes to write and must get published the same day I write them...otherwise you would likely never see them! As far as the time investment, knowing that I probably would have benefited from therapy at some point in my life - I always thought shopping was a better use of my money and for the most part, it has been - I'm treating this blog as my therapist. It's OK if no one reads it...I'm not alone much to talk to myself so this will work instead.

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